Sea Breeze Italian Ices

Sea Breeze Italian Ices

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THE PERFECT DESERT FOR THE PERFECT PARTY!! Try this delicious frozen desert at your next party! For just $400 Sea Breeze Italian Ices  will bring to your party one of our italian ice carts and serve italian ice to all your guests for you (up to 100) for 2 hours! You can choose up to 4 of our yummy 14 flavors! For groups of more than 100 we will give you a discounted rate of only $3.00 per person, per serving for each person served after the initial 100 people are served.

CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, AND OTHER NON-PROFIT GROUPS...For these groups...We donate 20% of all sales to non-profit charities, schools, and church groups as a way of giving back, helping you raise funds for your projects! Examples:

$5.00 serving sale x 100 people = $100.00 raised   (500 people served = $500.00 raised)
$6.00 serving sale x 100 people = $120.00 raised   (500 people served = $600.00 raised)


WANT TO RAISE EVEN MORE?? Try our leasing package... For a flat fee of $450 we will deliver to you one of our four-can push carts and you can serve the italian ice yourself during your event! Included with the cart is 4 five-gallon cans of any of our italian Ices (choose from 14 different flavors), cups, and spoons! At the end of your event you keep the left over ice to re-freeze in a freezer and use for future events! Return to us only the cart and unused cups/spoons! Each can of ice will serve 100 by selling Italian Ice at $5.00 each you will make $500 on each can, $2000 for all four cans! This means your net profit will be $1550!! Remember, any left over ice can easily be re-frozen in a freezer to use at future it is completely risk free!! Don't have freezer space for 5 gallon cans of our ice? It's ok...we always offer to 'buy back' any left over ice (must be at least half full) for $15 per can, saving you money on the rental :) 



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